With HUD’s strict regulations, manufactured homes are nearly as structurally sound as the site-built type. These low-cost housing choices last for many decades, making them a perfect investment for seniors or newlyweds. Once buyers secure mobile home financing, they want to keep the property as pristine as possible for years of functional use. Maintaining the manufactured home’s quality takes some observation and effort for long-term preservation.

Check Under Foot

Always keep an eye on the property’s concrete foundation. These mobile homes are strong structures, but they must have a sturdy support. Examine the foundation periodically for cracks or shifting. If owners want to sell the home eventually, mobile home financing will often fail for potential buyers because of foundation faults. Keep all running water away from the foundation by directing rain gutters accordingly. Strong soil creates a sturdy property foundation.

Walk Around Procedure

The remainder of the home needs a walk-through on both the inside and outside. Start outside and note any cracked or damaged items, such as walls or fascia. Be on the lookout for any insulation pulling away from interior walls as well. Insulation should be in good condition or replaced, allowing the home to have a controlled environment while reducing energy costs.

Treat it Like a Site-Built Structure

A manufactured home is essentially a traditional site-built home, so treat it as such. Check the plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems to ensure proper operation. Professionals should maintain and evaluate all these systems at least once a year. Since mobile homes are often small spaces, all these systems are relatively compact and easy to care for with consistent observation. Allowing a system to fail with neglect directly affects the property value like any other home.

Manufactured Homes and Infestations

Some older mobile homes have exposed wood and areas for improvement. To keep a home structurally sound, all wood should be painted to avoid infestations from termites. Rot is also a concern for mobile homes, attacking interior floors and beams. If an owner sees any evidence of infestation, professionals should evaluate the area for immediate treatment to avoid further damage.

From mold to rot, manufactured homes can be inundated with these issues if the owners aren’t diligent about care. To maintain a steady property value, repair and replace items as necessary. The next mobile home financing venture buyers could have may be a bigger and better property than ever before.