Today’s real estate market is starkly different than before because of all the structure choices. From high-rise apartments to traditional single-family homes, real estate is unique to each buyer’s personality. Consumers have a choice between manufactured and site-built homes in today’s market when it comes to single-family structures.Manufactured homes in Texas have dramatic differences when compared with their site-built counterparts. Buyers must evaluate each attribute to make the right purchase decision.

Choose the Physical Location

Buyers have the ability to choose the physical location and orientation of manufactured homes in Texas. The structure could face the south, east or west, for instance. Orienting the home in a particular direction creates specific light patterns within the structure that adds to its value. When a family wants to live in a specific neighborhood, they’re able to move right in if the land space is available.

Rapid Construction

With a location in mind, manufactured homes are built relatively quickly. They’re mostly constructed in modular sections. These pieces are hauled out to the final property site and literally attached together. Site-built homes could stand unfinished for months at a time, but manufactured homes are usually up and running within a few weeks. Homebuyers looking for a rapid move-in process aren’t hindered with manufactured home construction.

Reduced Weathering on Manufactured Homes in Texas

Because most construction occurs off the land property, manufactured homes aren’t subjected to damaging weather effects. As a construction project remains standing in an unfinished state, decay sets in on some components. Manufactured homes are sheltered from decay the moment they arrive at the job site. When it’s time to value the property for manufactured home financing, the quality shines through better than a site-built structure.

Customized Options Possible

Homebuyers with specific structural needs are usually pleased with a manufactured home because customization is part of the process. Opt for extra electrical outlets and choose their locations throughout the home, for instance. Although not all home components are completely negotiable, there’s more flexibility to make the home personalized to the owners’ desires.

When buyers are looking exclusively for manufactured homes, they must pay close attention to financing options. Manufactured home financing is essentially the same as traditional homes, but there are some legal differences. An experienced manufactured home financing professional should guide buyers during the transaction to complete it successfully. That brand new home is only a short escrow wait away.