Lenders for mobile, manufactured, modular or tiny homes will use a combination of factors to determine your loan eligibility. These include: credit scores, income, and job and residential stability. No one factor can guarantee a customer an approval or rejection. Instead, lenders will use a combination of your information in making their loan decision. For example, a lender may turn down a customer with a high credit score but minimal job time and minimal credit lines, yet approve a customer with a low credit score but good job history and established lines of credit, even if derogatory credit exists on their credit file. The pre-approval process is simple. By completing a free customer profile assessment with pertinent applicant, residency and income information, our consultants can help inform you as to which homes and loan programs you will most likely qualify.

Remember, finance companies want to approve you – they will look for ways to approve you. Working with a Manufactured Housing Consultants Laredo finance specialist, we can help you work with a lender that can approve you with the best interest rate for your credit history.

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