The Gold Rush in the 1800s may have attracted people from across the world, but today’s economic explosion is centralized near Laredo, Texas. Oil fields extending for miles are common in Texas, making housing a critical need for workers. Oil field mobile homes are booming in these areas for several reasons, making the Gold Rush seem small in comparison.

Long-Term Housing Needs

Oil projects don’t take weeks or months, but require many years to complete. There may not even be a foreseeable completion date, making oil field mobile homes crucial to support employees. These mobile homes provide all standard household amenities, but have the ability to be moved to almost any location. Workers don’t have to worry about their housing needs because there’s an instant home just waiting for them.

Big Projects Equal More Workers

These oil projects can take several hundred workers to run each day. Crews might be rotated in and out of the job site to create an almost constant work flow for oil extraction efficiency. Mobile homes are needed simply because local towns can’t support the worker influx. Employees can have enough space at home without crowding into nearby cities or towns. Comfortable employees often translate into strong work ethics.

Oil Field Mobile Homes and Rapid Building

Standard site-built homes can take a year or more to build, but mobile houses allow workers to move in within weeks. These homes are modules attached to one another. Each section is manufactured in a controlled environment, making its construction practically defect-free. Contractors simply need to piece the sections together on the job site and complete all details for a rapid installation.

Close Proximity Importance

A critically important factor is close proximity between the mobile home and work area. Employees barely have any commute with oil field mobile homes. They could technically walk to work if necessary. When there’s an emergency, certain personnel can be on the job with little time loss. Workers tend to be happier without a long commute, allowing them to concentrate on the work without distraction.

Many oil production businesses are making it easier for workers to find nearby mobile homes by purchasing and renting them out with company funds. However, workers still have a chance of purchasing the property themselves. With a steady position within the oil company, employees should have no problems finding the right financing with a local lender.