All of Texas, including Laredo, is known for its potential as an oil-rich land. Oil wells and drills are constantly on the move as they’re installed as necessary at each location. With all the black gold hidden underground, there must be ample employees nearby to work the hours needed. Employees can’t possibly drive hundreds of miles each day as a normal commute, so mobile homes have become one of the smartest and cost-effective ways to build a small oil community.

The Appeal of Mobile Homes for Oil Field Employees

Regardless of an oil field employee’s family size, there’s a home to fit them comfortably. Mobile homes have come a long way since their inception decades ago. They appear like any other home built on-site. The construction materials are brand new for both the interior and exterior, making mobile homes for oil field employees more attractive than a home 30 years old down the street.

Financing Nearly Trouble-Free

Because these mobile homes are being located in a community built by a steady employer, financing a purchase is incredibly simple. Employees looking to buy these homes simply need to sit down with a finance officer. Proof of income from the oil company is preferable, telling the lender an employee has a strong chance at normal repayment. Interest rates could be low as well, creating a reasonable monthly payment for any family.

Flexible Locations for All Workers

Communities aren’t set up in industrial blocks for these oil industries, but actually provide some space for each home to have a front and backyard. Workers can be slightly farther from work than others, but the commute is still incredibly short. This close proximity to work gives the employers the chance to call workers in on short notice if necessary.

Real Property Value

When financed with a reputable lender, these homes provide oil employees with actual property value. If the oil work fades over time, workers have the chance to move the home to a different location to take advantage of another work opportunity. The structure still retains value over time as the mortgage is paid down.

Before mobile homes are moved to the oil field, discuss options concerning leasing, renting or purchasing the home. If an oil job is meant to last several years, a purchase might be a better deal for any ambitious employee. Real estate builds wealth, giving workers a taste at a better life ahead.